Recently, there has been quite a bit of negative press surrounding restaurant aggregators and delivery sites. Even though these sites don’t make any food or own any delivery vehicles, they’ve quickly complicated the takeout ordering world for the restaurateur. It’s only natural that consumers would pick up on this negative press and shy away from any type of online ordering technology.

As a restaurant owner, there are other resources available that will allow your customers to order online without having to go through a third-party aggregator first. Technologies like TakeOut7’s online ordering will allow you to utilize world class online ordering without going through a third party who will force you to compete with other restaurants in your area.

You kill yourself daily to ensure that your customers receive first rate service and the highest-quality food. Given this, why would you let your restaurant’s brand be overtaken by a third-party aggregator or delivery firm? They may not provide the high quality service that you demand for your customers. Customers will associate your product and service with these third parties, meaning one bad experience with GrubHub or Doordash might lose you a loyal customer. In this case, your restaurant’s reputation is in a third party aggregators hands! 

Not only this, but these third-party aggregators display and promote your competitors. 

That’s right – they actually display your competitors even when your customer has tried to navigate to your menu and your brand! In this case, you’re supposed ‘partners’ in business are actually promoting your competitors, as if you, or any restaurateur, needs more competition. 

They are there not to promote your restaurant and your best interests, but to serve their own, putting restaurants who work with them in constant competition with one another. Additionally, partnering with third party aggregators runs the risk that customers will shift their loyalty to the aggregator. Because your restaurant is a step removed from the customer and there is no other way for them to order from you, your customers might begin to look at the third party sites to find food instead of seeking out your restaurant directly. And to top it all off, these aggregators can charge up to 35% in commission fees to the restaurants they partner with, which is money your business absorbs.  What restaurant has a 35% margin to play around with? 

Research shows that most consumers prefer ordering directly from a restaurant’s website rather than a third-party app. Your customers are happy ordering directly from you and your website, and they want you to thrive in the restaurant market. If given the opportunity, they would be happy to pass over third party sites and support you directly- they don’t want you to pay those high commission fees! Remember that your customers have been reading the same negative articles about these companies that you have. Give them a good online ordering experience and enable them to order directly from you instead of through a third-party app.

The entire point of using an online ordering service is to help ‘you’ promote ‘your’ restaurant and increase ‘your’ business revenue. 

There are numerous benefits:

  • Happy consumers who return time and again after a satisfying restaurant experience.
    • Making the most of your hard earned money.
    • Building up your brand and client base (instead of a third party’s brand).
    • Keeping your clients and market share to yourself and not constantly barraging them with alternative restaurants which they should   order from instead.
    • You pay dramatically less commission (2% vs 35%).

We are happy to help ‘you’ grow ‘your’ revenue profitably. Our business model is built with your growth and profit in mind, not built on a premise of pitting you against your competitors to benefit our bottom line. Third party aggregators risk putting you out of business from a large money margin and competitive standpoint. Why put up with that? TakeOut7 works for you and you only.