Promote your brand, not others.

Have you realized how important it is to advertise your restaurant’s brand properly?

With COVID-19, restaurants are only able to seat people at limited capacity, so it is vital to advertise your restaurant’s name. To be visible and accessible at one click for your customer’s online. Unfortunately, when you hire a third-party delivery to help your business… their name is being promoted, not yours!

You’ve probably already realized that delivery services like Grubhub, Seamless and Uber Eats advertise themselves first, and you second, if at all.

Delivery or Take Out?

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Before COVID-19, some establishments offered home delivery or takeout as a complement to their business.

At that point, restaurants rightly assumed that they would pay a high percentage to these delivery platforms because their main revenue still came from their current dine-in clients.

Outside delivery companies take over 20%(1) of your revenue… making it impossible for some restaurants to survive! Customers think they are doing local restaurants a favor by giving them their business, but, with these numbers, it is not always the case. To add insult to injury, third-party delivery companies typically advertise their brand name first.

Restaurant owners might think there are no other options to offer their customers take out, and they need to either cope with the high fees or shut down. However, there are options.

Be smart, use your options.

TakeOut7 offers restaurants the option to take their menus to an in-house online ordering system. People can order from their computers or mobile devices. Then, the orders go directly to the kitchen. When it is ready, consumers can pick up their orders at the door or curbside. By doing so, your revenue is not diminished!

This is not to say restaurants should give up delivery completely. It’s a good idea to have both! That way, there are two options available for consumers to decide from. Many restaurants are saving money by hiring a driver for delivery, or they can still use the third-party apps just for those delivery orders. If you can avoid paying a delivery company for take out, then you’ll increase your margin from your revenue!

Use all the marketing recourses you have available.

Marketing Promotions to build your customer loyalty

Encourage your customers to order take out by offering them discounts and promotions. Use marketing to increase your revenue per order and to promote those items that are most cost efficient to you. With TakeOut7, you can use a plethora of marketing options for free(2).

Even better, with TakeOut7, your restaurant’s name and brand are what will be promoted and most visible on the internet and in all of the marketing materials provided.

Let’s summarize:

  • Third-party delivery apps could be charging you upwards of 20%-30% for take-out. If you can avoid this by using other options for take-out, and continue to use third-party apps for delivery, you will save money.
  • Building your restaurant’s brand name will have long-lasting results. Your customers will be more likely to remember you when they’re thinking about ordering take-out.
  • Using marketing to build your brand and to offer your customer’s promotions will encourage them to order takeout.

Be smart, choose the right options, advertise your restaurant’s brand properly and come out of the pandemic more profitable!