Your Restaurant Needs Promotions

Offering Promotions to Increase Sales. As a restaurant owner, you should be excited to put restaurant promotions to work. You can dramatically increase your sales, especially from your existing customers by offering dollars off coupons. Your sales will increase on the days you choose to offer promotions, and your loyal customers will appreciate getting discounts from the restaurants which they visit most often.(1)


Increase Your Revenue on Slow Days. Thank Your Customers for Their Patronage

Your dollar off coupon serves as a reminder to your consumers that you are open for their business. Furthermore, they are a way of thanking your customers for their patronage. Giving discounts is a great way to get incremental visits from your customers and to get visits on days when you normally aren’t busy.

People Need to Eat

Your patrons are going to eat, and often the restaurant they choose is a spur of the moment decision. Typically, they choose a restaurant they have dined at before and a restaurant that’s in close proximity to their home or place of work. Dollar off discounts can make a big difference in which restaurant the consumer chooses to dine at, and you need every advantage possible to make them choose your restaurant.

Dollar Off Promotions Don’t Need to Cost You Anything for Advertising Media

By using your existing customers email list, you can inexpensively get ads out to your clients.(3) You can offer them discounts to use at your restaurant, and to use them specifically during times when you’re least busy. Timing is critical, especially now that labor is so hard to get at your restaurant. If business is slow Sunday through Wednesday, then that’s a perfect reason to offer discounts Sunday through Wednesday. You will find that the greater your discount, the more response you will get to your offer.

Do Coupons Work?

We’re often asked if couponing and promotions really work. Our answer is that it depends. Are you offering dollar off coupons on your whole menu? An affirmative answer to this will help your promotional effort. Are you offering a significant enough discount? Imagine if you were to give away free meals. Would you have any doubt that you’d have a line out your door on your slowest days? You want to offer as much as possible to attract customers, while not hurting your overall profitability.(2)


Earn Lasting Dividends Offering Promotions

There are good reasons that restaurants should be offering promotions to increase sales. Your restaurant, in particular, can stand out from the crowd, recognize and reward loyal customers, and increase your sales on normally slow days. All of this can be done with little time and virtually no upfront cost, and you’ll earn substantial short- and long-term dividends.