Most markets are facing increasingly competitive conditions, and the restaurant industry is no exception. With so many competitors, having different options available for your business is essential to survive and thrive in 2019.

Figuring out ways to get more business is the one thing all of our restaurant partners have in common. Most independent restaurants don’t use online ordering and consequently aren’t gathering email addresses, and other important marketing information, from their existing client base. When you gather email addresses, two powerful factors are enabled for the restaurants:

  1. You have those addresses available to promote to the customers, and in doing so, you keep your restaurant in the minds of your customers.
  2. You can offer promotions to existing customers that would lead those patrons to bring NEW customers to try out your restaurant.

Let’s explore each of these ideas separately:

Regarding #1: Most restaurants don’t opt out of gathering email addresses simply because they don’t know how. Online ordering creates a simple avenue to collect those addresses. Here’s why: When the consumer orders online, they are asked to enter their email address so the restaurants’ online ordering technology can send a confirmation email to the customer.  Since the customer has engaged by ordering from you, their email address becomes available to the restaurant who can then use it to promote to the customer later. This seems confusing, but in the case of TakeOut7, we take the mystery out of it and handle all the data gathering and promotional technology for you.

To make matters even more simple, we will not only gather those email addresses for you, we’ll give you 500 FREE email sends a month, along with FREE online promotional designs. Pretty much all you must do is ‘want it’ and we’ll handle the promotion for you.

We take care of your promotional materials for you so that you don’t have to take time out of your already busy day. We know that running a restaurant is a time consuming job, and making sure you food and services are up to standard is your first priority as a restaurant owner. Not only will having an online ordering portal help you obtain new customers, but the promos and emails we personalize for you will inform people in your area that you have online ordering options available. 

#2 takes some more thought because here at TakeOut7, we want to create promotions that will bring new patrons to the restaurant. Several promotions come to mind, one of these examples would be a birthday promotion. Many consumers celebrate their birthday with large groups of people, consisting of 6-12 of their friends or family members. There’s a good chance that their guests aren’t current patrons of your restaurant, so what better way to get business then to introduce your services and food to a brand new group of patrons? One of the strongest marketing avenues is hearing good reviews and recommendations from people who you trust. 

Another point that I’ve written about in the past is using your email list to encourage office parties, catering and smaller corporate events to maximize your restaurant services. Again, the original email constituent is already a patron of the restaurant, however, the others that are at the event likely are new to your establishment. When these new guests have a positive experience at your restaurant, they will not only be likely to come back a second time, but bring more potential customers with them. 

Loyalty programs and special offers are another way to boost revenue and keep your customers coming back for more. Many successful chain restaurants have implemented loyalty programs which offer rewards (often in the form of points which can be redeemed for discounts or free items) to customers for money they spend, and research shows that such programs are successful at gaining and keeping repeat customers. Offering discounts for loyal customers is one idea, such as a free appetizer after spending $100 on entrees. Offering other promotions such as Valentine’s Day specials, discounted appetizers for Super Bowl parties, or a free dessert for customers on their birthdays gives them that much more incentive to continue ordering from your restaurant in the future. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for their customer loyalty now and again?

Here again you can just ask and we at TakeOut7 will be happy to put these promotions together and get them mailed out to you at no charge. Together, we’ll make sure that you ‘Expand Your Customer Base and Grow Your Revenue with Online Ordering!’