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2904, 2021

Offering Promotions to Increase Sales

April 29th, 2021|Consumer Behavior, Facts and Trends|

Your Restaurant Needs Promotions As a restaurant owner, you should be excited to put restaurant promotions to work. You can dramatically increase your sales, especially from your existing customers by offering dollars off coupons. Your sales will increase on the days you choose to offer promotions, and your loyal customers will appreciate getting discounts from the restaurants which they visit most often.(1)   Increase Your Revenue on Slow Days. Thank Your Customers for Their Patronage Your dollar off coupon serves as a reminder to your consumers that you are open for their business. Furthermore, they [...]

2503, 2021

Online orders are larger than phone orders.

March 25th, 2021|Consumer Behavior, Facts and Trends, Online Ordering|

Online orders are larger than phone orders. There is no doubt that online orders are larger than phone orders. The favorable results are clear, but it’s not so clear as to why it is that way. Let's explore this: 1. Consumers, exploring the online menu, discover items they didn’t know the restaurant served. When ordering on a phone call -and they don’t have the menu in front of them-, the consumer orders what they recall the restaurant serves. When ordering online, the consumer has time to browse the entire menu, consider the add-on items, [...]

2302, 2021

Expand Your Customer Base and Grow Your Revenue with Online Ordering!

February 23rd, 2021|Facts and Trends, Integrated Online Ordering|

The competition is getting tougher Most markets are facing increasingly competitive conditions, and the restaurant industry is no exception. With so many competitors, having different options available for your business is essential to survive and thrive in 2021. Online ordering allows you to expand your customer base and to grow your revenue by keeping in contact with your clients. Most independent restaurants don’t use online ordering and consequently aren’t gathering email addresses, or other important marketing information. When you gather email addresses, two powerful factors are enabled for your restaurant(s)(1): You have those email [...]

2901, 2021

Tips for Restaurants in Covid times

January 29th, 2021|Facts and Trends, Independent Restaurants, Online Ordering|

Promote your brand, not others. Have you realized how important it is to advertise your restaurant’s brand properly? With COVID-19, restaurants are only able to seat people at limited capacity, so it is vital to advertise your restaurant’s name. To be visible and accessible at one click for your customer’s online. Unfortunately, when you hire a third-party delivery to help your business… their name is being promoted, not yours! You’ve probably already realized that delivery services like Grubhub, Seamless and Uber Eats advertise themselves first, and you second, if at all. Delivery or Take Out? [...]

2708, 2019

Why Are Online Orders Larger Than Phone Orders?

August 27th, 2019|Consumer Behavior, Integrated Online Ordering|

There is no doubt that online orders are larger than phone orders. At TakeOut7 we receive that input daily from our restaurant clients, as well as from our own internal tracking data, comparing phone orders to online orders. It’s clear that the results are there but not so clear as to why it is that way. Let’s explore this: Consumers, exploring the menu online, discover items they didn’t know the restaurant served. This seems simple, but when phone ordering (typically without the menu in front of the consumer), the consumer orders what they recall [...]

2207, 2019

Restaurant Technology Then and Now. Wow what a change!

July 22nd, 2019|Facts and Trends, Online Ordering|

Not too long ago, back in 2011, the Cornell School of hotel administration did a large study called The Current State of Online Food Ordering in the U.S. Restaurant Industry. Some of these statistics, recorded only 8 short years ago, are shocking and revealing. When I went back and read this research document, I was stunned at just how quickly the restaurant world has changed.   In 2011, only ¼ of U.S. restaurants had adopted online ordering. Today, only 8 years later, virtually every national restaurant chain utilizes online ordering. In some cases, restaurants will [...]