Claim and Manage Your Google Business Listing

1) The Google business listing is a free search result that is shown every time someone searches for your restaurant. The search results include a large panel with the restaurant image(s), information, and reviews with links to the website and online ordering. Most independent restaurants have not claimed their Google Business Listing, let alone optimized it with the best images and content.

  1. If you haven’t claimed your Google Business Listing, you are leaving yourself open to others entering their information into your account. More importantly, consumers searching for your restaurant won’t be able to navigate easily to your website from the Google Business Listing. You need to be sure that the listing properly points consumers to your website and that the various links on your listing take consumers to the right pages on your website.
  2. To set up and claim your Google Business Listing:

Log into using your email address and the password associated with your Google Business Listing.

Once logged in to Gmail, select the Google Apps icon found in the top right-hand corner (it’s a square made of nine small squares). From the list of apps select the “My Business” icon.

This will Bring you to your “Google My Business” home page.

If you manage multiple locations, be sure to choose the correct location. After selecting your restaurant’s location, select the “Info” tab found on the left-hand side of the menu.

From here, select the globe icon to update your restaurant’s website.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Website URL: Link to your restaurant’s website.
  • Menu URL: Restaurant website’s menu page link.
  • Order Ahead URL: (example:
  • Reservations URL: Reservation platform link (if you use one)

From the info section, you can also update your restaurant’s information like the phone number, store hours, and other attributes.

If all of this is too much, just call your TakeOut7 sales representative and he/she will handle it for you.

2) Create a Social Marketing Presence for Your Restaurant

  • Drawing in new customers usually happens through word of mouth and people visiting your website. It’s your menu, service and food, and now you can use social media to help it in big ways.
  • Creating a Facebook Business page allows you to reach beyond what would have been considered the normal reach for restauranteurs, customer wise.
  • You now have a platform to brag a little, invite new fans, showcase your cuisine and support your overall marketing efforts.
  • In turn, new fans will spread the word about your restaurant with their own network.

3) Send Birthday Emails

  • Almost everyone goes out to celebrate their birthday. When they do, they usually bring quite a few people with them.
  • This is a great opportunity to attract more customers to your restaurant.
  • Send a birthday email with a free offer… dessert, discount or even compensate the entire meal of the customer celebrating their birthday.
  • If you’re not sure how to prepare and send these emails… call us and we’ll help.

4)  Offer to Host Holiday Parties and Events

  • Many people are looking for a place to host holiday parties with friends or family and they want to bring more people to your restaurant.
  • A majority of offices are looking for places to host holiday events.
  • Let customers know by posting on your website that you host special events.
  • Offer discounts or package deals for holiday parties.
  • Leverage your social media to announce your intentions.
  • Use your own newsletter to let existing customers know you are doing so.

5) Offer Online Ordering

  • Consumers today just don’t like the phone. Make sure online ordering is an option.
  • Phone orders tend to have a lot of errors, causing you frustration and leaving customers dissatisfied.
  • It’s an easy way to increase sales. It also helps you better serve and satisfy existing customers.
  • Allows you to capture email addresses so you can market to existing customers — in turn, they will bring in new customers.
  • Helps you keep up with your national chain competition (use it or lose it).